Excavator SH370LHD-6

  • 34,600~37,500kg Operating weight
  • 1.4~1.6 m3 Bucket capacity
    (ISO heaped)
  • 200.0 kW/ 2,000 min-1 Engine Rated Output
  • 7,340mm Max digging depth


Sumitomo's machine is equipped with a new generation engine and hydraulics system to help customers improve the perfomance of the machine while reducing environmental impact and running costs.


Boom length
6.45 m (HD type)
Arm length
3.25 m (HD type)
Bucket capacity (ISO heaped)
1.6 m 3 (HD type)
Std. operating weight
36,600 kg

Make & model

Make & model
Rated output
200.0 kW/2,000 min -1
7.79 ltr

Hydraulic System

Main pump
2 variable displacement axial piston pumps with regulating system
Max pressure
34.3 MPa
/with auto power boost
37.3 MPa
Travel motor
Variable displacement axial piston motor
Parking brake type
Mechanical disc brake
Swing motor
Fixed displacement axial piston motor


Travel speed
5.4/3.4 km/h
Drawbar pull
263 kN
Grade ability
70% <35°>
Ground pressure
68 kPa
Swing speed
10.0 min-1
Bucket digging force
232 kN
/with power boost
252 kN
Arm digging force
196 kN
/with power boost
213 kN


Fuel tank
580 ltr
Hydraulic fluid tank
175 ltr


Sumitomo Construction Machinery is committed to achieving the worldʼs best Monozukuri craftsmanship.

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