Asphalt Paver HA60C-11

  • EU StageV Exhaust emission standards
  • 2.3-6.0m Standard variable paving width
  • 6.0m Maximum paving width
  • 15.9t Operating weight
  • 450t/h Conveyor capacity/ISO15878


The new generation Pavers is developed with Sumitomo's expertise spanning more than six decades, and meets the latest EU Stage Vemission standard. SUMITOMO Pavers are designed under the concept of the following 3 points and manufactured with high quality. *Human Friendly *Eco Friendly *Repair Friendly


Paving width
2.3~6.0 m infinitely variable
Paving thickness
10~300 mm
Paving speed
1~20 m/min
Hopper capacity
12 ton
Center crown ratio / Side slope ratio
-1~3% (Hyd.) / 0~3%
Overall length
6,590 mm
Overall (Transportation) width
2,490 mm
Overall height / Transportation height
3,765 mm / 2,920 mm
Operating weight
15,900 kg
Tumbler distance / Wheel base
2,615 mm
Crawler width
284 mm

Conveyor system

Width x No. of line
400 mm × 2
Rotating speed
0~15.9 m/min

Auger system

Auger dimensions
330 dia. × 300 pitch mm
Rotating speed
0~82 min-1

Screed system

J・Paver 2360
Heating system
Compaction system
Tamper & Vibrator

Drive system

Type of driving method
Crawler (Track)
Drive method
Brake type
Automatic brake
Travelling speed (Forward / Backward)
0~3 / 0~3 km/h


Make & Model
YANMAR-4TN107 (EU Stage V)
4,567 cc (4 CYL.)
Rated output
110/2,200 kW/min-1 (ECO MODE 108/2,000 kW/min-1)
Fuel tank capacity
180 L


Sumitomo Construction Machinery is committed to achieving the worldʼs best Monozukuri craftsmanship.

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