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Road machinery business was featured in Sumitomo Quarterly.


Sumitomo Construction Machinery’s Asphalt Pavers business is recently expanding to Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. And our successful expansion was featured in Sumitomo Quarterly, a magazine of Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee.

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Our Aspirations
Winning combination of quality plus enthusiasm spurs infrastructure development as emerging-market countries build their future .

Asphalt pavers lay asphalt on roads to provide a smooth surface. Although Sumitomo Construction Machinery has a 70% share of Japan’s asphalt paver market, so much has already been done to improve the road network in Japan that future demand will center on repair, rather than new construction. Mindful of this, Sumitomo Construction Machinery is busily cultivating markets overseas.

The company is initially addressing the needs of China where new construction of roads and airports is progressing rapidly with lots of projects. Whereas medium-size pavers are mainstream in Japan, large pavers are predominant in China. Since the lineup of Sumitomo Construction Machinery’sJ-Paver series previously consisted only of mid-size pavers with a maximum paving width of 6 meters, development of large pavers was an urgent issue. But Sumitomo Construction Machinery’s team first demonstrated its mid-size pavers and publicized their attributes. A key advantage is Sumitomo Construction Machinery’s patented extendable screed system that is used to smooth materials. Compared with pavers of a Germancompetitor with the world’s top market share, the J-Paver series offer greater extendable width and automatic extension at the click of a switch. This makes paving more efficient, which translates into shorter construction periods and lower costs. These machines are also virtually trouble-free. Thanks to their advantages, the J-Paver series have been able to gain an excellent reputation in China.

Mr. Goto who is in charge of sales says his team is also focused on after-sales service. "There is far more to our business than just selling products. We are determined to offer our customers an excellent after-sales service. So we brought staff of local service providers from China to Japan for training. Training emphasized not only technical aspects but also the importance of being passionate about after-sales service and caring deeply about the customer."

Large pavers are manufactured at a factory in China established in 2009, as well as at a plant in Japan. Mr. Ishii, in charge of development, says: "Chinese and Japanese people are working together as a team to manufacture each paver meticulously. The finishing of roads is the same quality in China as in Japan." Sumitomo Construction Machinery supports vital infrastructure in emerging-market countries by offering the winning combination of excellent quality plus enthusiasm.

(Left) Nobuyuki Ishii
General Manager, Road Machinery
Business Department

(Right) Fumio Goto
Group leader,
Road Machinery Group
International Sales Division
Sumitomo Construction Machinery
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