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A First Japan-made Heavy class paver paved a Runway of Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)


SUMITOMO launched the HA90C-2 of the Heavy class (over 6.0m pave width) developed for growing global markets in addition to the main paver HA60 the universal class (less than 6.0m pave width), which is a main segment of the Japan paver Market.
SUMITOMO is a market leader with a highest market share of the paver in Japan, focusing on the universal class paver and European pavers governed the heavy class pavers in Japan.

Now, SUMITOMO made a big progress to expand its paver business to the global markets with not only the HA60 (2.3m - 6.0m pave width) but also HA90 (2.8m - 9.0m pave width), which can fit to the heavy class paver markets of the world. In particular, the SUMITOMO's cutting edge screed technology can realize building a two lane road with 7.5m width in a single paving without any bolt-on screed extensions, that is quite different from all the competitors. An operator is just required to switch on once. A contractor can save time of total construction works including preparation and cleaning-up at the site to fit and remove the bolt-on screed extensions.

At the site of Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) the HA90C-2 showed high performance, and achieved a strict high quality pavement standard of airport runways.

And then, a 12m width pavement in a single building was laid based on the hot-joint technology with both the HA90C-2 and the HA60W-8 simultaneously for the purpose of efficient and effective construction works.

HA90C-2 paving the taxiway at the airport
HA90C-2 and HA60W-8 engaged in construction using the hot-joint technique
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