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Sumitomo's New Hydraulic Excavator Receives the Honor of Prestigious Award


SH200-6 developed and launched by Sumitomo Construction Machinery received the honor of "Energy Conserving Machinery Award 2013" (Host: General Incorporated Association, The Japan Machinery Federation).

This award is part of an institution that commends businesses and groups that are recognized for their contribution to the promotion of effective use of energy through the development and practical application of industrial equipment excelling in energy-saving performance. It is a time-honored award program with the history of 34 years, having 13 companies being recognized for the year 2013.

Sumitomo's product development focuses on the following three points: economy, productivity, and safety. SH200-6 is the successor to the SH200-5, which excelled in fuel efficiency and won the first "Energy Conservation Grand Award" in construction machinery, hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2008.

SH200-6, with its new hydraulics system including Spool Stroke Control (SSC), instantly recognizes the type of operation and variably controls the hydraulics depending on the situation, which leads to the improvement of fuel economy, operation speed, and refined controllability. The award this time highly commended significant improvements to work efficiency and productivity.

SH200-6 is launched in the United States as Link-Belt 210X3 and in Australia as SH210-6. Sumitomo will continue to contribute to environmental conservation through the development of construction machinery that possess high fuel performance, work performance, and safety performance.

SH200-6 (SH210-6)
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