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Message from President

A Global Strategy Supported by Original Technology

The Construction Machinery business of SUMITOMO started from 1963, which originated from the technology alliance with U.S. construction equipment manufacturer, Link-Belt. Since then, we, Sumitomo (S.H.I.) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (SCM), has been building our business pillars on mass production of excavator and asphalt finisher.

For product supply, we carry out optimal production in our three plants of Chiba (Japan) Plant, China Plant and Indonesia Plant, and we have built a global sales and service network through our regional sales headquarters and sales agents.

SCM's manufacturing system, with Chiba (Japan) Plant as mother factory, extends to China and Southeast Asia (Indonesian plant) with mostly optimized resourcing and production organization. As for sales and service structure, our global network is established with SCMS (Sumitomo Construction Machinery Sales Co., Ltd.) for domestic Japanese market, LBX for North American and Latin American, SSCM (Sumiju (Xiamen) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.) for Chinese market and SCMSEA for Southeast Asian markets.

SUMITOMO's construction equipment is developed based on the following designing principles.

  • Real Profitability, well recognized for its brilliant fuel economy
  • Real Performance, featuring outstanding speed and power
  • Real Comfort & Safety, to support the operator in the field

In particular, with fuel economy, SUMITOMO excavator was the first construction machinery in Japan to win the "METI Energy Conservation Grand Award", and our high economic performance has been widely recognized externally, illustrated for example by being awarded the Japan Machinery Federation Energy-Efficient Machinery Chairman's Award.

We are devoting our utmost effort to develop SUMITOMO-featured products, putting the Customer Satisfaction as the first priority, and further strengthening our sales and service structure globally. SUMITOMO is always paying attention to legal compliance, safety-first management, and corporate social responsibility. We sincerely look forward to build a brighter future for our customers, with our customers and by our customers.

Sumitomo (S.H.I.) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Shinji Shimomura
President and CEO

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