News Releases

Sumitomo (S.H.I.) Construction Machinery launches the new crawler type asphalt pavers HA90C-2 on April 1, 2015.


The J・Paver2875 screed which equipped with HA90C-2 was improved the J・Paver3075 screed of current model, and got high evaluation.
In this improvement, the minimum paving width was changed from 3.0m to 2.8m while maintaining the maximum paving width of 7.5m.
As a result, the world's largest extend range was widen more, and its flexibility and the user- friendliness were more improved.
In addition, the HA90C-2 can transport less than 3.0m transportation width without removing the side plate, and the performance largely improved.

The HA90C-2 continues to equip with diesel engine Isuzu 4JJ1 model comply with EPA Tier 3 / EU Stage IIIA emissions regulations. And in EU countries and Japan, HA90C-2 equip with ultramodern diesel engine Isuzu 4JJ1 model comply with EPA Tier 4 Interim / EU Stage IIIB emissions regulations. These engines deliver high work efficiency and low fuel consumption.

【Main features】

  1. The new J・Paver2875 screed can be freely extend from 2.8m to 7.5m without any bolt-on extension screed. And the maximum paving width is up to 9m which equipped with the 750mm bolt-on extension screed to both side.
    Furthermore, the extension auger system also improved. As a result, the assembling time was shortened, and the large cost saving was realized.
  2. The HA90C-2 can choose J・Paver2360 screed which equipped with HA60W-8 and HA60C-8. When choose this screed, the paving width can be freely extend from 2.3m to 6.0m without any bolt-on screed. In this case, the HA90C-2 can transport less than 2.55m width, and it completely meets the transportation regulation of EU.
  3. The newly developed electrical heating system has been added as an option.
  4. The HA90C-2 is equipped with LCD color monitors on the main control box and the both side of screed control box. The operator can check easily a lot of information and adjust some functions including emergency operation.

*J・Paver : The original and unique screed which Sumitomo developed.