Principle Specifications

※Units in the table below represent SI units adhering to the International System of Units

Paving Width Standard m 2.3∼6.0 (infinitely variable)
Paving performance Paving thickness mm 10∼300
Paving speed m/min 1∼20
Hopper capacity ton 13
Center crown ratio / Side slope ratio % -1∼3 (Hyd.) / 0∼3
Dimensions Operating weight kg 14,730 (L) ・15,000 (E)※
Overall length mm 6,620
Overall width mm 2,490
Overall height (with canopy) mm 2,740 (3,790)
Transportation height (with canopy) mm 2,740 (2,915)
Wheel base / Tumbler distance mm 2,615
Crawler width   284
Conveyor system Type of driving method Hydraulic (individual left & right)
Width × No. of line mm 482 × 2
Rotating speed m/min 0∼15.9
Auger dimensions mm 330 dia. × 300 pitch
Rotating speed min-1 0∼82
Screed system Model   J.Paver 2360
Heating system   LPG blower burner / Electric (option)
Compaction system Type   Tamper and vibrator
Vibrator frequency Hz 0∼50
Tamper rotating speed Hz 0∼20
Height adjustment of extendable screed   Hydraulic
Height adjustment of extendable mold board   Hydrostatic
Drive system Type of driving method   Crawler (Track)
Drive method   HST
Brake type   Automatic brake
Travel speed front/rear km/h 0∼3.0 / 0∼3.0
Engine Make&Model   ISUZU 4JJ1X
Displacement cc 2,999
Rated output kW/min-1 92.2 / 2,200
Fuel tank capacity L 140
Electric system V 24

※(L):LPG heating,(E):Electric heating

General Dimensions